Encode 4i - Release Notes

v1.5 - Released: August 19, 2011

- Tweaks to the video frame rate detection algorithm

v1.4 - Released: July 4, 2011

- Adds an "Audio Only" video conversion option to the main drop down box.

This option will take the audio stream from the video file, and convert it into an AAC (.m4a) audio file. After selecting this option, right clicking on the item in the queue that has been associated with this encoding option will give you access to an "Artist Name" option where you can specify the artist name.

As expected, this feature also works with the iDevice syncing and "add to iTunes" options.

- The windows system bell ("ding") sound will no longer be heard when the enter/return key has pushed after having entered a TV series title.

- The "About Encode 4i" window has been slightly redesigned.

v1.3 - Released: June 26, 2011

- Adds the ability to specify the media kind (Movie, Music Video or TV Show) of each video. Right-clicking on an item in the queue will expose these new options.

- Adds the ability to specify the TV show/series title for items in the queue that have been marked as TV shows.

The above new features work in conjunction with the sync to iPod/iPhone/iPad and add to iTunes functionality, further simplifying and improving the encoding to viewing process.

- The database file which is associated with the folder monitoring for new videos functionality, is now encrypted to ensure that your file storage history remains private. The file is also deleted whenever the "Monitor Folder For Videos To Encode" menu option is unchecked.

- Several performance tweaks surrounding syncing videos to iDevices and copying to iTunes have been made.

v1.2 - Released: June 22, 2011

- A critical issue that may have prevented the application from loading has been corrected.

- Fixed a video frame rate detection issue.

- When right-clicking on an item in the video queue list, a "Preview" option will be displayed. Selecting the preview option will allow you to preview the video that is to be encoded.

- The text "Auto Video Resolution" has been changed to "Optimal Video Resolution".

v1.1 - Released: June 18, 2011

- Added an "Add Encoded Videos To iTunes" menu option.

By adding your encoded videos to your iTunes library, this new feature automates the process of making iTunes Home Sharing of your encoded videos with other iDevices possible.

- Added a "Monitor Folder For Videos To Encode" menu option.

If checked/enabled Encode 4i will monitor a folder of your choosing for new videos/files to add to the live encoding queue.

v1.0 - Released: June 14, 2011

- Initial Release