Are you tired of constantly having to load large cumbersome encoding applications with millions of options, when all that you really want is a widget that stays on your desktop, monitors a folder for new files, quickly re-encodes your favourite videos and then automatically copies them to your iPod, iPhone or iPad?...

K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple Stupid!
In this app you won't find 20 buttons or more menu options than you can care to count. What you will find is one of the most user friendly interfaces of any video transcoding application for Windows that has iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad users in mind.

Have a folder filled of videos that you need to encode for you iDevice? Simply drag the folder to the app, and all of its video files will be added to the live encoding queue. Is one of your videos distorted due to an incorrect aspect ratio? No problem: The resolution of each video file can be independently set. Need to remove a video from the queue? Double-click on it and it's gone.

Yes, It REALLY Does Sync Your Videos
With one quick click in the menu, each video that you encode will be copied to your iPod, iPhone or iPad. You'll no longer have to manually load up iTunes and drag each encoded video over to your iDevice. As long as you remember to connect it to your PC, Encode 4i will take care of the rest.

To make your life even easier, Encode 4i can monitor the folder where you store videos that need to be encoded, and automatically add them to its live encoding queue.

For those of you who make frequent use of iTunes Home Sharing, you're in for a treat: encoded videos can be automatically added and moved to your iTunes library, making Home Sharing of your encoded videos with other iDevices hassle free.

Fast Encoding Without Sacrificing Quality
With FFmpeg as its core encoding engine, coupled with three highly tweaked encoding quality/speed settings, simply named Decent, Good & Great, Encode 4i will blaze through your videos while ensuring that you receive the video quality that you desire. It also supports video extensions from .avi to .wtv, so you won't need to spend time worrying about which video files can be encoded.

For the self-professed techies out there, you can view the real-time encoding speed in frames-per-second, as well as a few other statistics by hovering your mouse over the app icon in the notification tray.

Categorize & Organize...The Easy Way
Right-clicking on a item in the video encoding queue will reveal a quick and easy way to categorize and organize your encoded videos before they are synced to your iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad, or added to iTunes.

This feature works hand in hand with the Add To iTunes & Copy Encoded Videos to iDevice features, guaranteeing that your videos will be placed in the appropriate categories. If the video belongs to a TV series, clicking on TV Show will display a window where you can enter the name of the TV series, allowing all episodes of that series to be grouped together.

Best of all, you can do all of this while a video is being encoded.

On The Desktop With Widgets

Windows 7, Vista, XP
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad*
One Great Video Collection ;-)

*Required in order to copy encoded videos to compatible iDevices
iPod®, iPhone®, iTunes® are trademarks of Apple inc.